Alice Springs

 Alice Springs lies in the physical and spiritual heart of Australia’s Red Centre. It is surrounded on all sides by the jagged MacDonnell Ranges, which according to the traditional owners, the Arrernte people, was formed during the Dreamtime by giant caterpillars

 Surrounded by a red sand desert which stretches for hundreds of kilometres in all directions, Alice Springs is one of Australia’s most famous outback towns. It is the gateway to the iconic natural features of Uluṟu (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuṯa National Park.

When i arrived in Alice Springs the 28 April, I looking for job to fix my wheel and get enough money to feed me until Darwin. I didn't find any jobs during 2 weeks so then i decided to find a job by my self with the residents, I put ads in town, and on internet (Gumtree and "alice springs jobs Facebook page") for teach french, to do gardening, cleaning or baby sittings.. And then the residents contacted me to give me jobs. Was for me the perfect jobs because was really not hard and i learnt about the area. Met the locals for me is a pleasure. So the money helped me to feed me but not enough jobs to save money.

Lucky, by a contact, I got 2 days work in the Red dog cafe, that helped me to fix my bike. but unlucky my bike was stolen 2 weeks after. The 25 May.

I need so much more money now and keep looking for jobs, but nobody want give me a job because I dont have any experience, not enaugh good english or because I dont stay for a while in Alice Springs.

Finally, after 2 months searching I found job ! and start the 28 Jun for two weeks in A2Z, a cleaning job with dynamic and friendly people. After 2 weeks, they still need me, so I stay one week more and its help me to get a better gear for my trip.
Telegraph Station

The contact with the Aborigines for me is the way to establish link with this country. Our First encounter was awkward but I'm still indulgent.

Alot of aborigines live in Alice Springs, from here, to expel from the communautees, come for alcohol or for many other reasons that i don't know yet. Alot of people are asking many questions due to the difference in culture.

The Aborigines from cities seems neither belong to their ancestral culture or the new Australians. I ask a lot of questions about them. I think, this is a new people that is born of an awkward relationship between indigenous and White people.

Discover another culture without judgment is not easy, we always try to give an explanation of behavior who escapes us.
Behavior as seen often Alice Springs. For example yesterday I cross the street, I glimpses a woman pissing standing while relying against a car in the parking of a Supermarket. 
Of behavior that can be found all over the world as begging, some asking for money directly, others try to exchange a few words before you beg for better solicit and then there are alot of stories that comb time to dream of having money.

I read in the book of Bruce Chatwin that Aborigines saw all the goods as potentially bad, they thought they would interfere to their owners has less to be constantly moving. Barter unnecessary things: Expressing intentions, continue the exchange, renew the meeting ...

I do not know why this new people is almost a painting and unveil their culture for money. What is more important than their sacred culture?

Alice Springs, A town in the wild

Olive Pink, Botanic Garden
Bike Stolen !

Back in Kings Canyon
Kata Tjuta

The Songlines is a beautiful meditation on the importance of travel to knowledge and culture. The focus of the book is on the culture of the native Australians, and the essential relationship of ecology to culture.
Bruce Chatwin Quotes :

 “Walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.”
Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here?

  “Man's real home is not a house, but the Road, and that life itself is a journey to be walked on foot.”
Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here? 

 “[...] I will go to France, to Yugoslavia, to China and continue my profession.'
'As sanitary engineer?'
'No, Monsieur. As adventurer. I will see all the peoples and all the countries in the world.”
Bruce Chatwin, Anatomy of Restlessness: Selected Writings, 1969-1989 

  “To lose a passport was the least of one’s worries. To lose a notebook was a catastrophe”

  The songlines quotes :

"Exist is to be perceived, man is born in the desert in Africa. Returning to the desert, he rediscovered."

"Australia is the land of lost children."

Sunrise's Birthday

I 've got a bike for free from a very nice family but was too small (frame 14), I 've got another bike for 150 dollars, so I took the whiles and the seat from the other bike clean the bike and adjust the break. but finally, the bike shop told me still not good, there is not drill for the rear rack, so will not enough strong to support all the weight on the corrugation for a long time, they suggest a good bike from her shop for a good price.

 Super moon, Ride to Simpson Gap.

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