The Beginning

The Good Friday

The day before I finally received my salary, We are glad that we can finally get to the adventure and starts much earlier than expected ...

Happy with my purchases, I want to try the bike computer, first test, I put it on the bike without the magnet beside the wheel ... I'm starting to think how work a bike computer while I watch it again, it is already gone ! I turned around immediately and I see it is already crush , I missed 2 minutes loans ... never mind, I'll see tomorrow !

After bought all the equipment, we agree to prepare to leave the next morning, we see that the screws to secure the rear rack are too small, for my part all of it .. We do a tour of the neighborhood, but is already closed ... never mind, we'll see tomorrow morning before heading out!

This long-awaited day arrived, after slept in a prosperous park (North Adelaide), in my lovely tent (Msr Hubba hubba) well against my bike... I wake up in chatting with the old men who make the walk in the morning to their dog. For now all okay. While I enjoy the very well maintained toilet that is when I perceive a small chocolate egg ... My nature prevails, I see chocolate, I look around me, I say thank you in looking at the sky, I pick it up, I feel it and I eat it. For now all okay.

while starting to look for screws as expected, we see that everything is closed ... The Good Friday... and for two days ! Can't wait 2 days after waiting for a while, we will find a solution ! talk to the people, I said.
In a parking lot, I perceive a landscape company, and I ask them if they can help us. Gentlemen, they fixe my bike with plastic cables to the four corners, and gave us a lots in reserve. Martin had two screws to the base and two plastic cable around the saddle.

          Ready ? 

      ... Never mind
   for my  bike  computer...

        Ok ! Lets go !

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