Pimba to Coober Pedy, The crossing of the desert.

Back at Pimba, I met Mark and Phil who also ride until Darwin. Then they invite me to share the road together until Coober Pedy.

They make a fire every evening and every morning, I never do, and its a shame, the fire is the TV of the bush (with the sky), Gorgeous, Relaxing, Convivial, reheating and a way to cook ecologically

With them, I realized that it was important to take time to rest pleasantly daily.

But When we are alone, we live very differently. and sometimes we tend to deprive themselves of some pleasure.

Alone, as a single woman, I don't want to make fire because I want to keep my discretion and therefore my security.
 It was three days as a real physical challenges for succeed to follow them.
The third day, we separated because I had too sore from the day before when I had too forced my body and Can't forced any more. While we decided to meet again in Coober Pedy. 
That day, we left the camp at 3.30am, Separated 10 km later, I continued in the dark and saw the biggest shooting star that I had ever seen, was smily for a while !
More pictures :

Glendembo, Had a shower !  

Fingerprint : Kangaroo, Emu and human

The meetings continuous...

   Then I first met Michael, he stop along the way to refill my water bottles and give me fresh oranges! (I will meet him several times)
During the day,  I met a couple traveling on a bike starting from Alice Springs and down to Port Augusta. and Then two Dutch girl in a van, stopping to fill my water bottles.
After 65 km done in the morning, tired, headwind, I take my lunch and I Took a siesta on the ground under the shade of the rest area. When I woke up I met Jacob, an American traveling by hitch hiking That I will see again in Coober Pedy.
No one tree during hundred km...

My second and last shed of the day
Sunset time,  finally I attained Coober Pedy ! I join Mark and Phil and they congratulated me. I took a wonderful shower and we sharing pizza and beer before to take a good rest on a bed !

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