The Organization is major for this kind of trip

Start : 29 March 2013 in Adelaide

End : unknown

Preparation :
3 days on internet
wrote the water tank and how many kilometres between each town, roadhouse or rest area for planning how much food to carry

no training
no knowledge about bike
but Resourceful is my advantage

My trick is always thinking about the risks that can happen and to know a maximum of alternative.

Sleep in the bush, several metres side of the road
Tent, sleeping bag, stove, pot and matches.

Meals :
I thinking about this meals because its light in the bags and don't use water.
For breakfast and break :  slice of crunchy peanut butter with honey over.
For Lunch : Slice of tuna, cucumber and cheese and apple
Not Dinner

But after 2 weeks, I can't eat anymore breads every times...
(and the second packet of bread get mouldy...)

For Breakfast : slice of chocolate
Break : Slice of crunchy peanut butter with honey over
Lunch and Dinner : cans (pasta, beans) and
packet pasta/rice "continental" very light, takes very little space in the bag and quick to cook using little water.

Budget :

Equipment of departure 348 $ :

Bike in second hand shop : 140$
rear rack :40
2 bags side : 55
Bike computer : 20 (but break after 1 hour...)
Helmet : 9
pomp : 20
lock : 10
kit repair : 4
cycling short : 50

I still have 400 $ after bought all the stuff for feed me until Darwin...

New equipment in Port Augusta

Seat cover (30), because hip too painful
Net (10) because a lots of flies in the desert
Bike computer (20) !

New equipment in Coober Pedy

Front light and back light for ride during the night
spoon, fork and knife because the plastic fork was broken....
gourd for drink during paddling.

Martin's equipment : 120$

Bike : 76
Rear rack : 25
Helmet : 9
kit repair : 4
Pomp : 4
3 bags : 2 dollars

Indeed, we don't need to be rich or work a lots for travelling, if you like simple life.

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