How and why i decided to travelling on a Push-bike ?

How I got the idea

Martin in Honk Kong
It all started from this day, the 12 Tuesday of March 2013...
No wait, that date ! 29 August 2012, when I got lost in the huge airport of Hong Kong, with another French, Martin and we miss the plane to Australia, the journey begins !

Luckily, we got on the other plane without any cost, we had the afternoon free and we went to the city to have a look at Hong kong but that’s another story ! 

So I met Martin this Day.

Martin in Tasmania
6 month later, 
Martin join me in Tasmania, 
the 12 Tuesday of March 2013.
I was working in a Raspberry farm because all my money was gone, he contact me and join me in a raspberry picking farm. And there he told me that he would like to do a trip on a Bicycle along the Stuart highway , he was looking for some partners but he didn't meet anyone who would like to do that.
Since I heard of that, of course I was in, I always dream of Adventure.
After 10 days of work for a little payment, we decided to move and find a better job, but nothing was found.
Then we decided to do the Bicycle trek with the limited resources we had. We flight to Melbourne and hitch hike to Adelaide.


Where is the idea of the adventure from ?

Since several years, I dreamed of Travels and adventures, through the films, documentaries, musics and meet ups.

I have a thirst to discover and explore interesting new things. I like to go into the unknown.

I start hitchhiking in France since 18 years old, it is a way to experience the journey and adventure without the need of money.

I want to discover and learn by myself, to see with my own eyes, to experience things and make my own opinion.

Traveling is my school, before study or have a profession, we must first learn to know ourselves and the meaning of our lives.
my way of traveling, I put myself into the unknowns, I push myself to the limit and I try to go beyond it. That’s how I increase my self-esteem.

Getting into the unknown let us facing our inner demons with our best abilities.

Why on bicycle ?

First, I was certain to make this trip for a dream of adventures, my reasons to join this trip was :

Physical challenges, I am not fit and I try many times to do sport, but never keep regular and my greed for chocolate is not a good deal...Also I remember when I was younger, my parents forced me to hike or ride a bike, and I was complaining all the time.
Mental challenges, I want to know my abilities, to know how far are my limits and try to surpass it.

But mostly the fact to be free to move, travel ecologically, to get fit, and because I still possesses a good year ahead, I want to take my time to travel, explore each roadside and every trail and meet people throughout my journey.

Having time for me is very important for feel the Freedom. I met a lots of travellers who had a limited time and they had to make choices, compromise, miss opportunities.

How to make the most of my trip and my life ?

You can't buy Happiness, but you can buy a bike and that's pretty close
Since a while, I  heard people often told : "Make the most of it" ("Profite bien !" in french), every times I'm thinking about "how to make the most ?" I wasn't sure to did it...

During my ride, I still thinking about that because I wish to make the most of my trip. By peddling every day and some meetings I finally found to
 make the most is to takes time for make the right choice when the opportunities comes. that personally enriched spiritually and especially love.

taking times and taste some freedom.

Making the most of my trip traveling the roads on a bicycle.


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