First day

2 pm Here we are on the road that leads to Port Augusta.

All going well until the plastics cables breaks. I appeal to martin he passes me the reserve and repair. after the second time, we start to be annoyed by .. this is produced four times in the day.
Things I want to say that again and I exclaim throughout the day, you will be able to Martin testifies, Feeling buttocks unbearable ! for 3 days, I could not sit still very long and dreamed of the next break.

That day, we stop in a service station to go to the toilet and the young man who enjoys working to tell us a few words in French, gave us the leftovers. that's when we decided that for the next evening we will aim service stations for free hot dinner.

First night in Dublin
We arrive in Dublin for the night and we install the tents near the service station. Martin was asleep that I don't want to miss the leftovers. I knock on the door, a woman saw me and left the room without any sign, and then a man came to speaks to me through the door, told me that this is closed without asking me what I want... when I exclaimed that I traveling on a bike and I am interesting by the leftovers to help me eat. he told me to join at the back and he gave me a bag with several sandwich, thighs of chickens and meat pies.

I come back at my tent proud of me and joyfully.

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