Let's go on the Stuart Highway...

Encouraged, advised and reassured by Andre, I then continue from now a as single woman. (a French touring cyclist who started from Melbourne until Darwin and continues his journey in Indonesia ! his touring blog : Http://longredride.wordpress.com)

Surprisingly, I take great pleasure by my self, I take breaks when I need it, I leave when I feel it, and cycling in my rhythm.

I appreciate every moment if I take the time that I need.

I had finally tasted the freedom !

Arid zone

 Meetings multiplies suddenly on this deserted road.

The meetings then multiplies in the Roadhouses, rest area and on the road.

Talking friendly accompanied by fresh water, hot drinks, beer, wine, or foods. Very nice to take a break in a wonderful setting with some company !

First night with a intensely colored sunset.
Who said that the Stuart Highway was flat ?

You smell before to see...so many....sickened !

Wedge Tail Eagle, I also got my wings !

The Opportunities

After two days of cycling, I arrived in Pimba, when I had a refusal to retrieve leftovers, a couple of friends of quarantines years offered me to join them, Mladen and Christine. Sharing their food and wine, we had a very nice talking, that's when they invite me to sleep in them house in Woomera which is near the village. for giving me a bed and a shower !

Before bedtime they said: "We suggest you will join us for the weekend in Adelaide, you let all your stuff here and you'll have no costs to make, we will pay you everything's" I don 'have nothing to lose, so I jumped at the chance to get acquainted with them and have a good time.

Then I saw my last 5 days cycling in one day by car ...
When they took me to the beach, I set foot in the water having a strange feeling to see an ocean and the desert in the same day ...

We then returned to Woomera after this weekend very nice, I feel that I need to continue my trip, and I do. I left with a big hug, Nice time and lovely people. (they offered me $ 350 to help me finance this unusual journey, thank you so much for that, it will help me later !!)

First Pastel

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