The last post : Calm after the storm

Arrived in Darwin for 3 weeks during the Build up season, Sleep in outside where ever, bite so much by the mosquitos and woke up many times by the storm. I worked one week as a Pedicab rider for purpose to buy a trailer and to cycling with my friend to Kakadu. worked from 6 pm to 6 am every nights, very hard to sleep during the day : wake up sweating by the terrible heat and humidity... So happy to get the trailer !

Think about Denise, My Ozi Mummy ! who find me sitting on the street and propose me to stay in her room of the hostel for few days to have some rest. I was so Happy to met such a fun and lovely lady, and to sleep during the day in a cool place :P for few days, have a shower etc... We still keep contact.

And then I cycling with Ching Wei From Darwin to Kakadu during the build up, every day the storm manifests itself, Start by feel the wind and see that the clouds is already above you, see the amazing lightening and startled by the powerful thunderstorm. Was amazing cycling every day, But quite hard with the Hot (35-40 degree with humidity) and the big rains. 
My mind continue to have new perspective, its mean a lots to me. I realize that traveling with a constant movement, brought me many discovery about my self and the country, and I learnt enough now to realize that its time to travel by remaining, Time to Involve in the country to Live, to share, to built, to help...To Have a deep relation with the country, with the population and many others important fact that I couldn't have in movement. And from now, I can keep Learning and discovery by the spirituality where ever I am and what ever I do, Something that I ignored, but my journey changed it.

My friend and I stayed longer in Jabiru because I burnt my foot badly with boiling water and have to wait that I recovery. The clinic was free and a nurse look after me very well, a loveling meeting, A men with a big heart, who share it with his childrens and the aboriginals kids of differents communities around Jabiru.
After 10 days, When I start to move without the crutches, my friend got the opportunities to work in a supermarket, so he worked, and I got a job as a kitchen hand and dish washer in a golf club, I was without any money so we need it. After a week, we feel that is not right because we are vegan and doesn't fit with our living, so we quiet the job and decided to fly to Melbourne and have a balancing life, living with all our heart.

Now, I am in Melbourne and wish to settle down here for a while. I looking for a ethical work, and then a share house (Idealy with vegetarian/vegan or conscious people), involve in vegan/humanity associations, volunteering in community garden and dancing tango argentino, salsa and 5 rythms. 
 and Let it go !

Expect to travel in New Zealand and Asia.. or Come back to France and Traveling from Europe to Asia... But from now,I will not try to go every where, but choose the places or the places will choose me, not for see the beings living but to live with the beings and see... 

I understand better now why I hear many times : "you can not go everywhere" it is not about the possibility, the distance and the time...

The detachment

Living with my push bike for 9 months in a Country where I didn't feel familiar at all, in a simple living and in a constantly movement I practiced the detachment. The material detachment, but  also the inner detachment who will lead me to the inner peace, the eternal happiness and Harmony life that I looking for with the environement and all beings.

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  1. what an amazing, beautiful and wonder filled journey :) sending you awe and gratitude...if you ever come back to tassie, you are always welcomed to shower n shave n refresh at our house x x x
    luff Selki n Dalilah

  2. i have a bike with a trailer for Dalilah now too but a home to park it in when not in use x

  3. Ouch, je me demandais où tu étais passé depuis notre interview !

    Tu raccroches le vélo si j'ai bien compris ? Au moins pour un temps.

    Bon repos à Melbourne et bonne année où que ce soit :)

  4. I found your blog by
    and enjoyed the text and photos ...
    Good Blog!!!!

    Joaozinho (Brazil)

  5. Interesting take on life and cycling, thanks for the weblog and would like to read more of you.