follow what I feeling

The only things we can plan is to be surprise. That's totally right. But any way I don't have any plan, I follow my way without any obligation. My rythme is free, I don't need to rush or to compromise, I stay if I feel that I have something to live in and i leave when its time To live something else somewhere else.

I dont care about the time, about the money or the distance. What ever the weither forcast, my only guide is my intuition.

And then I continue my journey under the heat, get harder and harder, I got two spokes broken, my wheel turning not right at all. And then I decided to hitch hike to Katherine for fix my wheel. I got two road train, one aboriginal truck driver and the other one Maori (from NZ), both of them shared them culture, was nice time again on the road.

I want to tell you that my purpose is not to cross the country on all the road by bicycle, its not about a pride or a success, its about to live right with my heart. We don't need any possession for to be glad. Simple pleasure give you more time for you in the present time.

Arriving at Katherine, so hot and humid, I become sick the first days, terrible head sore, But was until I use to of this new temperature. Its incredible how my body cure so quickly.

Surprising, I met a Taiwanese living along Katherine river, so I join him to live in the tropical forest as long grass people. Living so close of the aboriginal, I spends lots of time with them and learn so much about them. In Katherine, I feel the aboriginal are more open of Alice springs, they welcome us without asking money at the end, they propose to join them or whenever I want to join them I was always welcome with joy. They was glad to teach me them languages, introduce me at them family and to looking after me. I love to spend sometimes with them because like they said, we are all family and The most important is to be together. I thinking about my family and friends in France that I miss and love so much.

I spend time in the hot springs, river and gorge of Katherine. Esley national park is wonderful, so much good time with my Taiwanese friends who join me every weekend, we have a lots of fun together, we do have lots of meetings, inhabitants with that we helped and they share with us by them lovely heart.

Many good memories in Katherines : The bats at 7pm flying along the river that I admired every day from the riverside, all the moment that I share with the aboriginal, played with the aboriginal kids in a hot springs and the river, help the inhabitant at them usual life and spend my times with Ching wei in this wonderful country. I feel so much more the true happyness when its share with somebody.

My home on the river side of Katherine river for One month.

Katherine Hot springs
Mataranka behind the hot springs

In Elsey National park, Swim with the fresh crocodile !

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