New resolution

Attracted by Trephina Gorge throat this famous tree a hundred years Ghost Gum, I'm leaving this time filling my bags with fruits, vegetables and organic food. More expensive but I found again the pleasure of eating, to get better energy, better health and respect the earth by not participate with industrial product. and Also happy to share my delicious food with the nice people that I met during my journey.

The negative point is that it is also much heavier : Problems ! and no money for help me this time : Rear rack broken, tire damaged and spoke broken....Fortunately lovely people are in Alice Springs, gave me a new rear rack much more strong and change the spoke of the back wheel ! Thank you so much again to permit me to continue my journey ! (because all  my money was left again)

So i left Alice Springs with no money and hope the last food that i got will feed me until i find a job on the road. Lucky me, after 2 days, I found a Nice farmer gave me some work for 1 week
I continue my journey with plenty of money for feed me until Darwin (I hope) and offer me cold drink and ice in roadhouse !

Actually my back wheel is not straight but she'll be right ! xD hope will be fine until Darwin ! :S
Second resolution : buy a strong bike for touring and got front panniers or trailer to balance the weight.

Picture : East Macdonnell range

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